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AI and the future of creative labor

Automation, recent layoffs across tech, and growing hysteria regarding AI taking over jobs in the nearest future made me think about what would happen to the creative labor market in the foreseeable future.


Beyond design thinking: strategic design

What is Strategic Design, and how is it different from Design Thinking? Strategic design happens in areas where the work is more abstract and ambiguous.


Ways to innovate

When it comes to innovation, a company can achieve it by doing incremental innovative changes or they can innovate rapidly aiming for a breakthrough in the market.


The emergence of new management

How to change the status quo and the relics of industrial-era management? How to meet the demands of the emerging digital age and remote work?


Working in phases: creativity and planning

In career development conversations with my clients, I started seeing a pattern when an individual performs different types of work depending on the phase of the project they’re working on.


Boundaries and the cost of innovation

Are there any market boundaries in our minds that can potentially block our product or service innovation strategies?


The future of management: a new manager

What does it mean to be a good manager? To answer this question, a person occupying or wishing to occupy managerial positions could consider whether it is exactly what they want to do.


On call: I mentor women

One of my mentees once said: “you openly state that you mentor women, it’s so brave”. Yes. I want us all to feel brave, ladies!


How to assess your own design work. Part 2: Elements of design

In this second chapter, I continue sharing my process of how I make a decision on the completeness of my work. I apply this self-assessment design technique that I commonly use in my design and art practice.


How to assess your design work. Part 1: Principles of design

In this article, I share self-assessment design techniques that I apply when I need to decide on the completeness of my work.


Future of design: the rural Adept

Let me tell you a story about my vision of the future of the design industry. Based on the signals we see today, I imagined how the day of a designer will look ten years from now, and how the design industry might change.


Future forecast: art show

Let's speculate a little bit about the possible future, looking at some examples of new technologies and behaviors we began adopting recently. What might happen if we were all stuck in a never-ending lockdown? How do we communicate, how do we entertain?

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