Maria Shanina
Design Archive
Shop Pay and Shopify 2018-2022

During her 4-year journey at Shopify, Maria has been involved in various ambitious and impactful projects. As a trifecta UX lead at Shop Pay, she’s worked on an accelerated checkout experience that lets customers complete their transactions faster. Previously, she’s led a personalized onboarding experience for new entrepreneurs. In 2020 has launched Shopify for restaurants and food & drink businesses to help this segment operate online due to COVID closures of physical spaces. As part of Shopify Learn she’s launched a new educational portal for entrepreneurs. At Shopify Exchange, has helped build a marketplace where people can buy and sell Shopify stores.

Selected work 2019-2022

A selection of client and personal design works representing aesthetics in grids, imagery, negative spaces and typography. Some of these designs include Maria's own drawings and paintings.

Selected work 2016-2018

Various snippets of product design work created for clients and startups. These works are about finding the right balance between functional design, minimum necessary information and visual aesthetics.

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