Maria Shanina
Design consultancy

Problem solver, creative strategist, and product designer with a decade of practical experience, I help create sustainable and equitable businesses that anticipate changes and are ready to respond to them.

I facilitate design processes for my clients, apply design strategies, and co-design solutions to help clients deliver their best offerings. I analyze user experience, identify customer frustration and use visual design to strengthen company-customers relationships.

I help companies and startups identify short-term and long-term opportunities in their market by employing strategic design techniques.


• Brand identity and packaging
• Website and mobile app design
• Art direction and graphic design
• Workshop facilitation

In our fast paced growth environment, Maria was tasked with designing world-class products in high ambiguity situations. She consistently impressed with her tenacity and ability to innovate despite challenges thrown her way.

Sylvia N. CEO, ex-GM Shopify

Maria is one or the most impressive people I nave ever worked with. Things just get done when she is around. She's an incredibly strong strategic thinker so any program that involves this skill will benefit hugely trom naving her involved - just as much as it benefits her. She is also one of the few designers I've seen capable of marrying strategic thinking with executional muscle. This is rare.

Ross C. CEO, Design Director, Kinde

From the conceptualization, development and submission Maria is involved all the way. What I love most about working with her is I get a real sense that she’s as committed to our success as we are, doing her own research and investigations into alternative solutions, it's like she’s a part of our company.

Kevin G. CEO, Strategist, Microsoft

Maria is a very talented designer, and a wonderful person to work with. Her gift is her ability to share her talent with others in a way that makes others around her get better at their craft. Maria is an excellent example of a mentor and a leader.

Michael W. Sr UX Manager, Shopify

Career advising

I have consulted creatives for years on matters related to job-seeking and skill evaluation. I aid designers in constructing career paths, setting goals and devising plans for career advancement.

My educational background in design and visual art, combined with my experience as an entrepreneur and immigrant, enables me to develop growth strategies with my mentees and clients to reach their objectives, both career and personal.

I offer a generous discount to students and recent graduates in search of employment. This is an opportunity to reap the benefits of my knowledge and engage in conversations about the struggles that come with the job hunt, including interviews, salary negotiations, and portfolio reviews.

Maria is so nice to talk to and very knowledgeable about design. She gave me great advice on how to tweak my portfolio and even offered some tips on salary negotiations for a recent job offer!

Nóra L. UX Designer

Maria is wonderful. She is an attentive listener that gives insightful structured feedback. I really enjoyed our session, it gave me the ability to see my work with her eyes and to understand what is working and what doesn't. Don't hesitate to contact her, she is very talented, thoughtful, polite, and has a positive mindset.

Tati K. Associate UX Director

I really enjoyed my time with Maria. She is very kind and right to the point. She listens carefully before sharing her insightful advices.

Maíra S. Global UX Lead

I am also grateful that Maria was always up to discuss and work through both design and personal challenges. As someone shifting from UX Research to Product Design, I experienced a fair share of imposter syndrome during my internship. Maria, being the caring, thoughtful, and experienced professional that she is, helped me re-build my confidence and encouraged me to lean into my strengths instead of focusing on my weaknesses. This change in mindset has followed me today and has worked wonders for my career.

Melissa T. Product Designer

Maria is an extremely talented designer and also a very thoughtful, caring, kind and supportive mentor. No matter how busy her schedule, she always made time to sync at least once a week or meet ad-hoc for any questions I had or feedback I requested on projects I was working on. Maria always challenged me to get out of my comfort zone that really helped improve my understanding of product, design and business intersections.

Mohit G. Product Designer

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